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expansion projectNewAge® Industries AdvantaPure® Enters the Next Phase of Renovations at Its New Tubing Manufacturing Plant 10/12/2021
NewAge's 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Warrington, Pa., now has several clean rooms being readied for testing. The tubing manufacturer has been renovating the nearby additional facility to house several clean rooms for the production of high purity silicone and thermoplastic elastomer tubing for its AdvantaPure division. The tubing is used in COVID-19 and other vaccine manufacturing processes. NewAge anticipates tripling its production capacities for these in-demand products.


expansion projectNewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Completes Its Clean Room Expansion Project 09/29/2021
NewAge® Industries, the manufacturer of AdvantaPure high purity tubing products, recently finished an expansion project at its southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters. The company relocated an office, employee lockers, and a storage area to convert 3,100 sq. ft. into another ISO Class 7 certified clean room.

The renovated section is now integrated with the company's manufacturing suite. Following air quality testing, injection molding presses, quality inspection tables, and assembly and packaging stations were moved into the new room. The area is used as additional space to manufacture molded connectors and tubing assemblies.


expansion projectNewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Moves Forward with Another Expansion Project at Its Pennsylvania Headquarter 07/06/2021
NewAge Industries, the manufacturer of AdvantaPure® high purity tubing products, has expansion plans underway – again – at its corporate facility in southeastern Pennsylvania. The project will add over 3,000 sq. ft. of ISO Class 7 certified clean rooms to the company's existing manufacturing suite where AdvantaFlex® weldable and sealable tubing, AdvantaSil® silicone tubing and reinforced hose, and molded Single-Use tubing assemblies are made.

The expansion is an extension of a project completed in 2018. NewAge renovated existing warehouse space, built several ISO Class 7 and 8 clean rooms, and shifted its platinum-cured silicone manufacturing processes to the new area.

  rooftop solar arrayNewAge® Industries Celebrates 10 Years of Solar Energy 06/10/2021
Plastic and silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries installed a rooftop solar array in June 2011 and has been using the sun's energy for ten years. Over 4,000 solar panels supply a good portion of the company's electricity needs. The same sustainable energy source is being considered for NewAge's Warrington, Pa., facility, which is undergoing renovations. As a Certified B Corporation, the company works continuously on its green initiatives.

Three New DirectorsNewAge® Industries Welcomes Three New Directors 04/29/2021
NewAge Industries announces the appointments of Maurice LeCompte, Sonia Schwantes and Rick Zijadic. LeCompte is now Director of Manufacturing Development, and Schwantes is Director of Product Management, both new positions. Zijadic replaces a retiree in the role of Director of Manufacturing. Business growth – much of it related to tubing and Single-Use systems for COVID-19 vaccine production – helped fuel the need for these appointments.

  Certified B CorpNewAge® Industries is Now a Certified B Corporation™ 03/31/2021
Plastic and silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries announces that it has achieved Certified B Corporation status. The certification assures customers, prospects, vendors, and other business associates that NewAge meets verified standards for environmental performance and social practices that benefit others. B Corps™ like NewAge focus on customers, their communities and employees while producing quality products and remaining profitable.
  employee owned for 15 yearsNewAge® Industries Observes 15 Years of Employee Ownership 01/12/2021
It's been fifteen years since plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries took one of its first major steps to becoming employee owned. Headquartered in southeastern Pennsylvania, the company is now 100% owned by its team members. NewAge's ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plan – is designed to provide incentives for employees to work with a primary focus on the customer and to reward long-term employees at retirement.
  Ken Liszewski and Tony SzokaNewAge® Industries Announces New Roles for Two Key Sales Team Members 12/15/2020
Ken Liszewski and Tony Szoka of NewAge Industries have been promoted to new positions with the company. The tubing manufacturer announced that Liszewski is now Global Sales Manager for its AdvantaPure® brand of high purity products, and Szoka is National Sales Manager for NewAge fluid transfer items. Both men have been with the company for many years and have the leadership skills to head their respective teams and move the company forward.
  warehouse expansionNewAge® Industries Expands Warehouse Space at Its Southeastern Pennsylvania Headquarters 12/01/2020
NewAge Industries recently increased storage space for the plastic and silicone tubing its team members manufacture. The warehouse space, previously leased to a tenant, is within its headquarters in Southampton, Pa., and now houses bulk tubing inventory. Plans involve shifting inventory of other products to allow room for additional cleanroom manufacturing areas. Due to its growth, NewAge now utilizes the entire building, which was purchased twenty years ago.
  We are hiringNewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Looks to Hire Dozens of New Employee-Owners as It Expands 11/05/2020
Tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is expanding again and in the process of hiring several dozen employees. Most positions involve the manufacture of products for its AdvantaPure division, but the company is also hiring for its Engineering, Quality, Sales and Warehouse teams. NewAge anticipates that its benefits package, which includes employee ownership for long term team members, profit sharing, a 401(k) plan, paid time off and health insurance, will attract new team members.
  cleanroomNewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Partners with CleanSpace & Genesis on New Project 10/30/2020
Tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries-AdvantaPure has begun renovations on a recently purchased property in Warrington, Pa., acquired for expansion. The company is partnering with CleanSpace Modular and Genesis AEC on clean room design and construction within the building. The clean rooms will be used to manufacture high purity silicone and TPE tubing for COVID-19 vaccine development and production and for other biopharm, pharmaceutical and medical products.
  additional facilityNewAge® Industries-AdvantaPure® Expands on Recent Purchase of Additional Facility 10/13/2020
Tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries purchased two building units near its southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters in the spring and recently bought the remaining unit within the building. The company now owns the entire property, which will be used to manufacture silicone and TPE tubing and molded parts. The products are part of NewAge's AdvantaPure high purity division and are used in pharmaceutical and biopharm processes, including those involving COVID-19 vaccines and therapies.
  scrap silicone tubing NewAge® Industries Announces New Plan to Recycle Silicone Tubing Waste 08/24/2020
Silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries recently began working with ECO USA, a company that recycles silicone waste into silicone oil suitable for industrial applications. Thousands of pounds of tubing scrap are generated at the start and finish of the company's tubing extrusion runs. The scrap is shipped to the recycler and, through a multi-step reclamation process, converted into silicone oil. Recycling silicone tubing waste adds to NewAge's green project portfolio.
  New Board of Directors MembersNewAge® Industries Appoints New Members to its Board of Directors 06/24/2020
NewAge Industries, an employee-owned manufacturer of plastic and silicone tubing, recently named Jim Henderson and Andreas Georghiou to its Board. The group will help to strategically plan the years ahead for NewAge, its employee owners, and its customers as the company grows and expands. NewAge's products are used in a variety of applications including high-purity biopharm and pharmaceutical for the fight against COVID-19, beer brewing and dispensing, medical, and general industrial.
  new building conceptNewAge® Industries Purchases Additional Facility to Increase Capacity & Ensure Continuity of Product Manufacturing 05/26/2020
This month NewAge Industries closed a deal to buy two building units at a location within seven miles of its southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters. The company will renovate the space, then purchase and install new tubing extrusion equipment and presses for injection molding. The site will be used primarily to manufacture high purity tubing and molded assemblies for NewAge's AdvantaPure® division, which supplies Single-Use fluid transfer systems to biopharm and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  NylobradeNewAge® Industries Invests in New Plastic Hose Manufacturing Equipment 04/15/2020
Extrusion – a method of forcing material through a die to make a certain shape – is the process NewAge uses to make its plastic tubing and reinforced hose. The extrusion equipment purchased in the 90's was still performing well, producing hundreds of thousands of feet of tubing every month, but the company's engineering team was concerned. The equipment showed signs of wear, and the group felt that breakdowns were only a matter of time.
  NylobradeBrewery Hose & Beer Tubing Featured on BrewSavor®'s New Website 04/07/2020
BrewSavor announces a redesign of its website at The new site presents tubing and reinforced hose for craft brewing, home brewing and beverage dispensing. Product styles include antimicrobial, non-phthalate, NSF listed and those with oxygen and CO2 barrier properties. Hardware, hose cutting tools and custom options are also highlighted, along with a blog and the company's sustainability practices.
  Clearflo 70NewAge® Industries Introduces Phthalate-Free Clearflo® 70 Tubing 01/22/2020
New from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is Clearflo 70 tubing that contains no leachable phthalates such as DEHP or BPA. The tubing was developed to meet customers' requests for phthalate-free fluid transfer products, as certain studies suggest that phthalates may be harmful. Clearflo 70 meets USP Class VI requirements and is NSF-51 listed. Its non-toxic ingredients also conform to FDA standards. NewAge stocks the product in 50 sizes.
  kink and crush resistant brew hosesNew Kink Resistant Brewery Hose Now Available from BrewSavor® by NewAge® Industries 09/25/19
NewAge's new BrewSavor brand now offers two butyl lined, reinforced hoses for craft brewers who focus on beer flavor. One style has wire reinforcement for kink resistance and improved flexibility, while another is monofilament reinforced for crush resistance – it will rebound to its original shape after impact. Both types are designed for the rigors of brewery production floors and handle suction or discharge. They're made in USA and meet FDA, USDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

100% Employee OwnedNewAge® Industries Announces 100% Employee Ownership 09/06/19
Tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is now 100% owned by its employees through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The ESOP is a retirement benefit that gives employee-owners a true stake in their futures. Ken Baker, CEO, sold portions of the business to the ESOP in three stages over the past thirteen years. September 2019 saw the completion of a decades-long plan to help ensure the continued success of the company and avoid a competitive buyout.


BrewSavor Monofilament Reinforced Butyl HoseBrewSavor™ by NewAge® Industries Introduces New Crush-Resistant Hose for Beer Brewing Processes 04/09/19
Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries was honored to host Senator Bob Casey on Friday, January 11. Senator Casey visited to experience the culture of this employee-owned company and to hear about the value of employee ownership directly from its employee-owners.


BrewSavor by NewAge IndustriesNewAge® Industries Introduces BrewSavor™, a New Brand Focused on the Craft and Home Brew Industries 03/29/19
NewAge Industries announces the launch of BrewSavor, a new product line dedicated to tubing and hose used for craft and home brewing and dispensing. BrewSavor products include plastic and rubber tubing, reinforced hose, fittings, clamps, and hose assemblies for both hot and cold brew processes.

According to Joe Linquist, NewAge's dedicated Craft Brew Specialist, "It's an industry with very specific needs. For instance, the temperatures involved with different parts of the brewing process can range from near freezing to boiling. Heavy duty hose is used for transferring large volumes of fluid, but smaller-sized unreinforced tubing can be used for dispensing. The tubing materials are critical, too. No brewer wants to use a product that will give a bad taste or odor to his or her beer."



PA Senator Bob Casey visits NewAgeNewAge® Industries Welcomes Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey 01/23/19
Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries was honored to host Senator Bob Casey on Friday, January 11. Senator Casey visited to experience the culture of this employee-owned company and to hear about the value of employee ownership directly from its employee-owners.

Senator Casey participated in a round table discussion moderated by Jeff Johnson, a 28-year team member, who gave an overview of how and why Ken Baker, NewAge's CEO, arrived at the decision to become employee owned.

  celebrating 65 years of serviceNewAge® Industries Celebrates Its 65th Anniversary 01/08/19
2019 marks NewAge Industries' 65th year in business. Started in 1954, the company distributed plastic tubing for industrial uses and today manufactures dozens of tubing styles for markets such as biopharm and pharmaceutical, medical, food, appliance, chemical and for various applications involving fluid and gas transfer. NewAge is employee owned and prides itself on providing customers with high quality products, good selection, quick delivery, old-fashioned personal service and a fair price.
  laptop donationNewAge® Industries Donates More Laptop Computers to a Rural Cambodian School 11/28/18
Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries made a third donation of laptop computers to the Caramanico School in Ratanakiri, Cambodia. NewAge employs many team members originally from Cambodia and is honored to help the country's students in this remote location. The school powers the computers with solar energy. It serves students up to twelfth grade and helps provide clean water, meals and housing. NewAge is involved with schools and students in the Southampton area as well.
  silicone extrusionNewAge® Industries/AdvantaPure® Completes Plant Expansion for Additional Clean Room Manufacturing Suites 08/22/18
NewAge recently completed renovation of 43,000 sq. ft. of existing space at its headquarters near Philadelphia, Pa. The renovated area now houses several new ISO Class 7 and 8 clean rooms for silicone tubing production, molded component operations, quality inspection and packaging for its AdvantaPure high-purity products. Newly constructed warehouse space was included in the renovation. The project took nearly two years from demolition to completion and cost $10 million.
  Gov Wolf Visits NewAgeNewAge® Industries Welcomed Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to Discuss ESOPs in the State 05/17/18
Pa. Governor Tom Wolf visited plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries on Monday, May 14, 2018, to discuss employee ownership and how it can be promoted throughout the state. The Governor attended roundtable meetings with current and retired NewAge employee-owners and with CEOs of other Pa. ESOP companies. A plant tour of NewAge's newly-renovated facility completed the Governor's visit.
  whitepapersUpdated Sustainability Report from NewAge® Industries Showcases Recent Improvements 10/11/16
NewAge Industries, manufacturer of plastic tubing and AdvantaPure high purity products, has released the second edition of its sustainability report. Coming out four years after the initial release, the updated report features information on the company's continuing efforts on environmental, social and corporate responsibility including the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, on-demand generators to keep the company operational during power outages, and increased recycling.
  recycle dumpstersNewAge® Industries Achieves Landfill-Free Status 08/30/17
NewAge Industries is proud to announce that it is now a zero-waste organization. All of the tubing manufacturer's waste is reused, recycled or disposed of by combustion at a local EfW (Energy from Waste) facility.

"This has been a goal of ours as part of our sustainability program," noted Ken Baker, CEO. "We went solar in 2011. Plant investments followed in the form of new windows, energy efficient lighting, building insulation and high efficiency motors and capacitors. Going landfill free was a logical step."




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