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Our Green InitiativesNewAge is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We've launched several programs to reduce energy usage, rely on renewable energy sources and minimize waste.

These highlights illustrate our sustainability efforts so far, but we are determined to find new and innovative ways to ensure that our company is environmentally sound and a good corporate neighbor.

Zero Landfill
  • One of NewAge's most recent initiatives, started in 2016, involves our commitment to be a zero landfill organization. Trash that is not recyclable is transported to a nearby energy-from-waste, or EfW, facility. There, metals are removed from the waste and recycled, and the remaining trash is burned for energy recovery in the form of steam and electricity.
EV Charging Station
  • A Level 2 electric vehicle charging station was installed in 2017 as part of a major building renovation. The station can charge two cars simultaneously, and more stations will be added as needed.
Building Improvements
  • screens on dock doorsWe converted our warehouse and manufacturing facility lighting to T8 fluorescent, which uses one-third the energy of conventional lighting. This lighting is also brighter.
  • A "cool roof " was installed to prepare for our solar panel system and reduce energy usage. The white roof added two inches of solid insulation and reflects light and heat to reduce air conditioning usage.
  • All windows were replaced with energy-efficient, tinted styles that feature two thermal barriers to reduce heating and cooling energy waste.
  • Screens were fitted to all warehouse dock doors to allow natural ventilation without debris and insects entering the building. As a result, exhaust fans on the roof run less often, saving energy.
  • Electrical system upgrades included a new bank of capacitors and a new high voltage transformer to use electricity more efficiently.
  • High efficiency electric motors in our manufacturing areas and in the building's air conditioning units improve function and save energy.
  • Following a 2014 energy audit by an outside company, power correction modules were added to all major pieces of manufacturing process and support equipment. These additions successfully reduced energy consumption and improved equipment efficiency.
  • On-demand generators, installed in 2015, automatically power on to bring electricity to our office areas during a power outage. This helps the company continue to run when electrical service is interrupted.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • recycle dumpstersCompany-wide recycling of cardboard, plastic, glass, paper and batteries reduces our amount of waste. Team members are encouraged to bring in recyclable waste from home that is not handled by their municipalities.
  • An industrial trash compactor reduces non-recyclable trash volume.
  • Added in 2016, a cardboard compactor diminishes the volume of unusable boxes and other cardboard into compact bundles, ready for pick-up and recycling; two tons of cardboard is recycled monthly.
  • Plastic and silicone tubing waste, generated during the startup of extrusion processes, is recycled for other industrial uses.
  • Manufacturing operation changes decreased water usage by nearly fifty percent.
  • Two tons of outdated computers, monitors and printers were properly recycled by a specialist in computer-related waste. Team members were encouraged to bring in their own electronics-related waste for proper recycling.
  • Aluminum water bottles were given to every team member to decrease plastic water bottle use.
Solar Project Info

rooftop solar panelsNewAge Industries' solar energy system reflects our commitment to renewable energy. It generates approximately half of our annual electricity needs and allows us to be environmentally responsible, protect the local ecosystem, reduce our energy costs and improve profitability. System highlights include:

  • The generation of 1.25 megawatts of power per year
  • 4,082 roof-mounted solar panels, making it the sixth-largest solar array in Pennsylvania and the largest roof-mounted system in Bucks County when installed
  • The system cost $4.2 million with one- half paid by NewAge and one-half from federal and state sustainability grants
  • All major components (panels, inverters, racking systems) were made in the United States as stipulated during the contractor bidding process
  • Installation took approximately five months
  • The system was powered up in May 2011
  • Designer and General Contractor: Borrego Solar Systems
Why Solar?

solar panelsIt takes a lot of energy to operate our manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters - two megawatts per year. There's production machinery, lighting, computers, and a host of other energy-consuming equipment. Deciding to embrace solar energy allows NewAge to:

  • Be a leader in clean, renewal energy
  • Set an example of a company that can be progressive, successful and green
  • Help our local community and environment
  • Save on our electricity expenses
  • Because NewAge Industries is an ESOP (49% employee owned) company, the team members collectively own 49% of the solar array


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clampsTo complete a tubing or hose installation, the use of clamps is typically necessary. We offer a selection of quality products to securely finish virtually any application. Go to Clamps & Accessories. custom tubingNewAge Industries possesses the capabilities and experience to create custom parts perfectly suited to your application. Post-extrusion fabrication and hose assembly opens another range of options for providing parts to your exact specifications at a reasonable cost. Go to Custom & Fabrication.

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